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Follow Your Dreams .....

Exciting new young South Pacific Island artist FLK from Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu (on the small island of Tutuba) has been flooding the airwaves in both Vanuatu and in Honiara (Solomon Islands)  with his 2 newly recorded songs  
'The Kiss' &  'You're Mine Forever.'

He recorded his first full album of self written songs that are all  about his own life experiences & emotions - Hence the name of the album is 'Emotions'... recently released & available to purchase from our online 'Shop' (see tab at the top of this page)

After a series of shows in Honiara, FLK is back in Vanuatu
We will keep you informed as to shows, tour dates and venues on our itinerary page. In the meantime, enjoy the Vibes.

Back from Honiara with a new single - GOODBYE HONIARA

After 2 years in Honiara, I met some wonderful people.
Many of these were artists - musicians like myself. We became very good friends with a lot of them..

It was sad to leave them,  but life goes on, even after COVID 19 - as we caught the first repatriation flight back to our home country Vanuatu.
I want to share with you my Honiara memories.

Honiara -  this is for you.

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Eagles Cover
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Being friends with an artist has its benefits!
As the Vanuatu National Football Team found out while touring Solomon Islands.
They caught up with FLK (who is a personal friend) and together they wrote and recorded this fun song!
It had over 5,000 hits in 2 days - enjoy - available to download straight from YouTube.
They go home with the best souvenir ever!

Big Money - FLK ft. Circle Crew


Put Ya Body On Me - FLK  ft. Lipi & Def



1. I Want To Take You Home
2. If I'm Gone
3. Tutuba Island
4. Deep River Woman
5. Mama - I Love You
6. Follow Your Dream
7. Sun i Set
8. Tears For Years
9. Vanuatu
10. In Your Arms
* a Boxman Studios Production
* Album will also include 'The Kiss'
& 'You're Mine Forever
The song describes my first meeting with my one & only love (who is now my wife)  after many people said it could not happen.
We  wrote this song together about how race color, age & culture do not come into play when you find your one true love.
One people - one love.

* a Baka Solomon Production
This song  was also inspired by our relationship. Being about the struggles of both new & old relationships and how couples must face the obstacles together to get through them  - to become stronger in their relationship. Many people  will be able to relate to this song

* a Boxman Studios Production