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Crafts & Activities for you to share with someone

Here we have some crafts and activities - some already being used at our sponsored schools...
If your children are interested in our program - get them to  choose one of the coloring in pages, color it in, and upload to the photo gallery album, (or email to me) I will download and print their color-in, and hand it to a child in one of the villages - take a photo and send to you - a picture of a child holding 'your' child's picture. Something as little as this can put a big smile on their beautiful faces.

These are our first 3 submissions
that will go out to some local pikininis soon

Unfortunately poor Katelyn aged 10 from The Ponds, Sydney Australia, has been feeling a bit sick, so she is at home - and so what better way to keep occupied but do some of our coloring pages to be given to some local Vanuatu Children... these are her 3 pictures she has done ... I will take these out soon and hand out - check back to see the happy snaps of the recipients of her lovely pictures.
Thanks Katelyn - hope you feel better soon!

Number 5 - Seahorse
colored by Isabella aged 8 and given to 'Song' aged 5

and now  4th one - Underwater Scene 3

Colored in by Isabella Aged 8 and given to Alan aged 8 

Underwater Scene 2

Colored in by Katelyn aged 10 and given to Danesca aged 2

Underwater Scene 2

Colored in by Katelyn aged 10 given to Daniya aged 4

Underwater Scene 4

Another picture by Katelyn given to Gordon Haines aged 7
Turtle 2
Kane Aged 6yrs
And they keep coming....
Fish 2
Isabella Aged 8yrs
Isabella aged 8yrs

Coloring In Pages

Under the Sea