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Why become a sponsor?

There are many reasons to become a sponsor - and many different circumstances for people needing the help.
Vanuatu is a 3rd world country, and though it was granted in 1980, unfortunately it is still reliant on outside help.
Other than the individual, health care and education are the areas requiring help the most
We had been supporting a little Kindergarten in Port Vila, who, now, after 5 years of help, are standing on their own two feet, have built a new school room and library, numbers increased from 5 to 35.
Visitors are still bringing supplies for them from time to time as there is always someone waning to give..
While we are continuing to support our little Kindy in Port Vila, we have started a 'sponsor a child' program on Espiritu Santo - the largest island in the Vanuatu group, as we have found many individuals with special and /or different circumstances that are in need of help & support. Santo is still behind the times a bit compared with Port Vila, and so we see more of a struggle here from day to day life, again through to the education and healthcare systems.
Please take the time to browse through our little success stories, and see how you, too, can make a difference.
You don't have to do a lot to change someones life.. as my 'motto' says....
"Anything is something for someone who has nothing"
Gordon, Daniya & Danesca
big brother & his 2 little sisters all have individual sponsors