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Jammina - confident & happy

Meet Jammina

This is Jammina - Our first 'sponsored' child in Santo 2015
She was 4 years old.

Her father was earning about $40 a month and her Kindy fees are close to $80 per term.

The first picture - before she started school, she loved our cat & dog... but very shy, unknowing what was ahead for her.... then... see the 2nd picture!

Her Mother brought her to visit me to thank me and her sponsor for what we have done for Jammina - and the change it has made to her. I hardly recognised her!
Have a look at her report card
Please note - as per the ledger - "E" is for "EXCELLENT!"

Her sponsor deposits her school fees per term

Happy Mum Sarafina

Quite a few families struggle to pay the horrendous school fees, so the help to have their children educated is a blessing.
We can provide receipts, and photos and even post you drawings etc... to stay in touch