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Meet Joe

This is Joe today - while not a pikinini, he was 17 years old and attending hospitality school here on Santo at the time Cyclone Pam hit the islands of Vanuatu.

His parents on Epi Island lost everything in the Cyclone - their house, their farm including livestock..  EVERYTHING!.
They wanted Joe to go home (to Epi) because they now had no income to pay his fees.

Within minutes of me posting for help for his fees,  a lovely lady agreed to sponsor his college fees... ..

Joe finished his course and graduated, and is now employed 'full time' at a local resort as a cook/chef's assistant.

Graduation Day

November 18 2015 Joe was presented  with his Graduation Certificate from the Hospitality & Tourism School thanks to his wonderful sponsor!  So here are a couple of photos of his proud moments..

Addition to Joe's story....

After Graduation, Joe's Dad made it over to Santo for a quick visit - 2 days... I spotted Joe on the beach after his Dad had left... he was very sad and missing his family very much. I mentioned this to his sponsor (as I always keep in touch to let the sponsors know how their child is doing) and she and her friend, sent me funds to bring Joe's Mum & Dad and 2 brothers and 1 sister over to Santo from Epi to spend Christmas. Here are some of those moments

Joe meets his sponsor! 28.01.17

After 2 years, Joe finally was able to meet his sponsor. Since Joe graduated from Hospitality school -  he has a full time job at a local resort cooking for the guests. He was able to demonstrate his skills to his sponsor by preparing an amazing buffet lunch for her arrival at the resort from the cruise ship.