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This lovely family with 6 children were struggling with school fees now with 6 to provide for.
They were cutting copra, but it's hard work for 'Dad' who is now 74years old and so this type of work - or any work, is getting hard for him to cope.

They are such a kind family adopting one of the 6 children to help another family out - but now they are in the same boat having to resort to singing for money for cruise ship passengers  - but the  box does not fill enough to put 6 children through school. 

Until the wonderful "Senior" family came to the rescue and have taken on the sponsorships for all 6 children.
On this page you will see their progress as their school year continues.
    Tace 2009                      Lerry 2007                  Kwina 2006              Watu 2004                    Reve 2002                   Salai  2002