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Our Newest Sponsorship - Lathie Primary School & Kindy

Our newest project is a little primary school up north on the Island of Espiritu Santo - Lathie Village. They have a kindy and a primary school - only classes 1- 4 as they don't have the buildings or teacher for years 5-7 as yet. Kindy fees are quite expensive in comparison to primary as they get no government funding whereas primary get small help. 
Secondary school is quite a drastic rise with per term fees being 4 times that of a full year for a student in primary school. 
Recently a wonderful lady inquired to sponsor 'a child' from the school, and she and her mother decided they would sponsor the entire primary school of 30 students.. amazing!  
Her Mum knitted tirelessly some teddy bears for the kindy kids as seen in these photos.. While a group of other ladies found some uniforms from a school that was upgrading to new ones, so the brand new old design were donated to our little school! 
Please contact me if you have an interest in the kindy or secondary sponsorships - just 1 child is all you need to help.

and now.......Lathie Kindy

After receiving an inquiry about sponsoring a school, I suggested the kindy - as the primary school fees were being looked after - so another amazing group have sponsored the Kindergarten for the rest of this year and have vowed to look after them again next year (2017)  This group have been saving & collecting tirelessly for their visit to the kindy in March 2017 when they will be supplying story books for the new library along with many other items to make their schooling fun!


One of the amazing women in our group together with her family & friends have worked tirelessly to gather much needed items for a 'years' worth of school items & teaching aids.. 
After some hic-ups with freight and transport, we finally had the supplies reach the village.  They sent the word out for a family day at the school where items were distributed to the students, extras for the parents to keep as were needed throughout the rest of the year. Teaching aids were presented to the teachers, and books for the new library will be sure to fill the shelves with the enormous amount of both story books and those of educational content. Thank you so much for your HUGE effort! As you see in the photos - a well appreciated gift!