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Lespe & Talon's Story

Lespe  - 21 years old from Epi
Has 1  brother  and 2  sisters
Her father has passed away and Mum tries very hard to work in the garden
Talon  - 20 years old from Epi
Has 1 younger brother & 2 younger sisters
Mum & Dad are hardworking gardeners but getting old and the ground is dry & hard
These young ladies are both from the island of Epi - one of the islands most devastated by Cyclone Pam in March 2015.

Epi has taken a long time in the recovery stages as it was mostly comprised of farming crops - the residents main source of income.
However, since the re planting, we (they)  have been experiencing an unusually dry 'wet season'  and the crops are perishing once again and income is scarce leaving these girls (the oldest child) no other choice but to go to another island in search of work and/or study which cost money

Other ways to help in these instances is to help the islanders - better water supplies to keep the crops going recreating income for the families, seeds and root crop vegetables to plant. 

But - by helping their children, they can be spared the anxiety of not being able to provide for the rest of the family