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Teouma East Kindy & Primary School

This was our first love after moving to Vanuatu. The kindy was out of town, and had actually closed down when we went to visit.....and it just grew from there. We had some friends over that kick started it by paying for the kindy school fees for the rest of that year - if we could get the children to come back.. The village held a meeting and we explained what we could do for them. They were all overjoyed as they had 'not much' and could certainly not afford to pay school fees, so this was a blessing for them. The kindy went from 6 to 14 students in 2 weeks and 35 students after 4 weeks.

As we were in the tourism industry with our own business, we were able to promote the kindy with our tours, enabling tourists to visit the kindy and bring supplies if they wanted to. This helped immensely  as we then didn't need to buy supplies - we only had to find enough funds to pay the teacher - which were soon kindly donated by another sponsor.
The kindy continued to receive visitors, and grow, soon building a grade 1 school house. The kindy house was seriously damaged in cyclone Lusi in 2014 and had to be demolished. A lot of the books that were not stored in plastic boxes were also damaged beyond saving. So the kindy house had to be re built!
Funds were quickly gathered through all of our kindy guests and the kindy house was re built.

Sadly, I had to leave the kindy to stand on it's own two feet as I had to leave Port Vila in 2015 to come to Espiritu Santo. I continue to send visitors to the kindy when I receive requests from people going to Port Vila.
I miss the children greatly as I had watched  them grow and develop over the course of 3 1/2  years and was very proud of their achievements.

Christmas Party 2012

This was their first Christmas Party - strangely most of them had never been to the beach -
so the beach it was for Christmas!