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Follow Your Dreams .....

Who would you like to help?

The list of people with need of help, whether it be for education, health, or any of many other reasons, is growing.
You may chose to help one of these children/families or schools below, or contact me for a specific genre of help you would like to give.


Wishes for a Rising Star


Help him get from this .......

How often have we dreamed of becoming a pop star? Singing in the shower using a hairbrush as a microphone?
Yes, you are laughing - we have all done it! We know we have no talent - it's just fun!

BUT - if you are from a 3rd world country - it's not a joke - it's a dream!   It's something that can almost never come to fruition. 

To this.....

So - Meet Freddy. This guy has talent! His dreams include becoming a star and recording artist.
While he has already recorded 2 songs in meager recording studios here in Honiara, he wants to continue his singing career.

I want to help him go as far as he can with his music and so am trying to organise a concert tour for him to his homeland Vanuatu in May next year 2019.
I am also looking for major sponsors for airfares, venues, accommodation, posters & advertising, purchase, hire or loan of instruments etc... but we will still need donations to buy some nice clothing for him and band members for the shows and video clips, food, transport on the ground, other expenses etc...

Please help me make his dream come true..  Whether its cash or product...
Please contact me for product donations, but cash donations can be done right here online..  or for Vanuatu donations contact me for Vanuatu account details.
Any other information you need please don't hesitate asking me..

I have posted the song links here for you to listen to...  Let's Make Freddy a star !

"You're Mine Forever" is his 2nd recording and "The Kiss" was his first... enjoy

The Tao Family

This family lives in Tanna - the Island that was almost wiped from the face of the Earth during Cyclone Pam, and has taken the longest to recover. Tanna is still bound in stories of starvation, death and poverty caused by the cyclone.
Lily - the mother of Danny, Urich, Rosalinda & Rosanna, is struggling to continue her childrens' education after losing her husband (& income) the year before the cyclone,  with the cyclone adding to the difficulties a single mother has to face on this still struggling island in a 3rd world country.
While the primary school is not that expensive but still needs to be paid for, Danny, 14yrs,  is now in high school where the fees are pretty much impossible for most - let alone those trying to put their lives back together after consecutive tragedies.

URGENT help needed for Tanna once again!

While we have put cyclone Pam in the past and people have rebuilt their lives, we forget that another cyclone has just passed through our archipelago... Tanna once again being hit the hardest! But no one heard about this one!  So once again, roofs destroyed and bedding, mats, clothes children's toys and school items - all destroyed by the torrential rain!  While Paula from Bribie Island has kindly come to the aid of this family by sending some personal items for Roseanna before the cyclone - the other 2 younger children have also now been sponsored by a beautiful group of another sponsor's grandchildren - which still leaves Danny, the oldest child, still without help.. 
So if you can help, please contact me.  kim@sponsorvanuatu.com

Danny 14years & Rosanna 7years

Rosalinda 10 years

Urich 12 years

Tourism in Vanuatu is the main source of income to the country and so many children pursue a career in tourism &/or hospitality as they are almost certain to acquire full time positions in the industry.
Ansale Rocroc

Ansale is 20years old and is from Espiritu Santo - the largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago.
Soon after completing her schooling her Mother passed away leaving her to become a substitute mother for her younger brother & 2 sisters. Her father tried to make money from crops in the village walking long distances with the produce to get to the roadside market for sale.
Now her siblings are older, she wants to further her education so she can help with the costs of raising them.